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5 Ways To Uplift Your Brand, Right Now!

When customers are looking to engage a business they’ve not worked with before, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that you stand out from the pack. When working with my Oh Gosh clients, I always suggest and make sure that they have these 5 things straight out of the gate…. after a fantastic logo of course!


Nobody ever should need to have a free email address (such as Gmail) for their business email. It creates a ‘fly-by-night’ vibe and discredits you and your trustworthiness. Instead, create a custom email address with your own domain — it’s cost-effective and simple with the right know-how.



Now you have your custom email…. you need a website! This could be anything from a simple, temporary landing page to a fully functioning site. It’s important that when customers search for you, that something is there to find! This creates trust and validation.



You don’t have to update it all the time but set one up that includes your branding, office hours, a bio and contact information. Easy! Reserve your internet real estate.



Yes! This helps with your google ranking and lets people find out your key info easily; business hours, address, social links, website, phone number and more. Brand your page with your own logo and images to keep it looking professional.


Get in touch

Combine these four tips with a professionally designed brand and you are ready to put your best foot forward! Get in touch if you’d like me to help you get set up and get your business the Oh Gosh treatment!

jessica@ohgosh.co.nz // 0211 476 476

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