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The perfect partner to any business, is a beautiful and well designed website to showcase your work to prospective clients and customers! Statistics show that consumers will search online before any other search tool when looking for a business or service. Jessica will work with you to create a mobile friendly and responsive website that best suits your needs, and highlights your unique offering in a digital format.

Whether you need a simple one page option, right through to an e-commerce store or booking system, Jessica can work with you to create a solution that works for you. One of the most valuable services that Jessica will offer alongside her Web Design is Photography services. Allowing you to have a fully personalised and customised website that shows continuity across your entire brand, without having to resort to expensive and often impersonal stock images. With an eye for detail and functionality, Jessica will help you reach your online goals.

So how does it work? Like any project, Jessica will meet discuss with you your goals, either in person or over the phone to hear about what you need, how you need your site to work and functionality, your budget and when you need it by. This initial stage is the most important; the more information and the more specific you can be with what you like and expect, the better the end result.

Next, she will interpret that conversation into a brief to ensure that you are both on the same page, this is also where she will give you a quote, estimating the hours required and any other associated costs. Once the quote is accepted, Jessica will begin the work on your project, showing you progress at key points along the way, then meeting with you once more to go over the build prior to the ‘go-live’ and make final adjustments. From this, Jessica will deliver the final result and the job is done!


The Project Process