Yellow Social Backyard Cinema - Oh Gosh
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Yellow Social Backyard Cinema

In early 2015, Yellow® had joined the Auckland Fair as Hero Sponsor of the event and the June 2015 would be their first time participating. It was important for Yellow® to interact with the visitors while remaining true to the event and not feel out of place in the eyes of the loyal visitors. The brief was that Yellow® wanted something with a digital focus to show the progression of their businesses moving more into the digital arena, and that it would demonstrate the more traditional business values of the Auckland Fair with handmade touches, encouraging face-to-face conversations and be a space that worked in harmony with the event as a whole.

I worked alongside Yellow® and pitched two creative concepts, one of which would be a digital and social led activation in the form of a backyard cinema. The space would be styled to feel homely, comfortable and beautiful enough that visitors will want to photograph the space and share organically through their networks. The ‘cinema’ would be centred around a large television, showing a social feed of images uploaded to a Yellow® website, enabling visitors to experience a moment of fame and be involved. In addition to the physical space, roving photographers would ‘snap’ visitors and their friends for the chance to win a cash prize.

Styling of this space was crucial in ensuring it was beautiful and functional as an oasis within the bustling market for people to relax and take a moment before heading back to shop. Wooden panelling was used on the rear wall to echo the homemade aesthetic. The space was filled with flowers in pots, lemon and lime trees, feijoa trees, large palms, beer crates with cushions, conservatory furniture and a wreath of fresh flowers around the cinema screen. For the staff I designed garners aprons with the Yellow® event branding, complete with buttonaires for that perfect finishing touch.

Key to the activation was that time spent interacting with visitors would be 30 seconds to 1 minute, ensuring a large number of people could be included. Each time a visitor was photographed, they would be required to fill in name/email etc ensuring the Yellow® brand would have more reach.

The space was designed, styled and constructed, including technical specifications by myself and my team. The roving photographers and activation staff were engaged through Yellow® with a company that I have used several times in the past.


Concept & Strategy

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