Women's Institute Craft Show 2017 - Oh Gosh
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Women’s Institute Craft Show 2017

Ray White Mangawhai are the principal sponsor of the Women’s Institute (WI) Craft Show, and commissioned me to design for them the poster and registration form to be used. Previously, poster designs had been very simple with a focus on information. They contained a lot of detail and it made it difficult to have a document that needed to be technical (with registration information and conditions) as well as marketing the event.

The poster was re-imagined with a design that looked at the event from scratch. It was important for the WI to appeal to a younger audience to gain new members, while still being appealing to existing members and reflecting their history in the community. What was produced was a stylish, simple and colourful design that works, giving a lot of needed information in a beautifully presented format.



design, marketing, poster