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The Workroom

The Workroom is a sub-project of the Auckland Fair, it’s an online resource custom made for independent, creative businesses. Full of resource articles, a jobs board, hire listings and business workshops with some restricted access requiring a membership purchase to view all/some of the content. Almost all of the content for the site I write and create, working in collaboration with specialists to deliver selected workshops alongside myself. This was a huge project with a complicated website build, gated areas and customer access, all wrapped up in beautiful and consistent branding. Previously the content used to be on the main Auckland Fair website, however, this site is more visitor led with content and design geared toward a visitor to the Event. The Workroom was designed to be aimed at Creatives and ensure they were catered to.

Logo & Website Design

The logo design was to be kept simple and fuss free, using tones of grey and white in a minimalist style. The design of the website is the same layout as the Auckland Fair, with it’s own colours to allow a seamless flow between each of the websites for visitors.


Custom articles are written for The Workroom and loaded onto the site, all housed within the resource area. Creatives are able to purchase a 12 month membership for full access to each of the articles, with a small portion being available for free for everyone to use.


Creatives can purchase spaces on practical workshops, designed by myself and specially chosen experts. Booklets and presentations are all part of the design process, and spaces on the days are purchased as a virtual product. Once a space has been purchased, participants have access to the Resources and a special course related download area.

Jobs & Hire Listings

To encourage growth in the community and allow people to share skills and resources, a jobs board was created along with a hire listings area. Forms are available for people to submit their items for the site.

This is an ever growing project that I will continue to work on.


Design, Website

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