Smash Cricket - Oh Gosh
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Smash Cricket

Smash Cricket are a specialist cricket training company based in Christchurch, they work with schools and not only train teenagers, but assist in training coaches as well. Smash Cricket approached me to develop a brand design for them that was to be appealing both to men and woman, while recognising that a male audience will be the primary target market.

Inspiration has been taken from modern sports apparel brands, working both well on the field and off. Their logo design has been kept typographical, with the use of negative space, that has essentially been ‘smashed’ out by a cricket ball. The icon has been designed to be strong, a solid block of colour and exist well in black and white.

Simplicity is key with this design, ensuring that it is distinctive and easy to read from a distance. The type-face, while ‘College’ spots inspired, is still contemporary and modern, working well in the professional realm where your coaching will sit.