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Rebecca Agent

Rebecca Agent is a freelance business consultant, working alongside some well known international brands and businesses. She wanted to create herself as a brand, having a website that showcased her clients and her work and allowing future clients to get an idea on what she is about and how they can work with her.

Logo Design & Printed Material

Because this was such a personal brand, the logo design I created was similar to handmade type, creating custom letters alongside existing typefaces meant that the design was as custom as Rebecca. It needed a colour palette that reflected her personality, while at the same time, allowing Rebecca to be taken seriously as a leader in her field.

Business cards needed to be simple and tactile, so I used her custom logo with gold raised foil and a matt laminate to create something that felt natural and luxurious in your hand.


To create a truly all encompassing personal brand, photography for this project was important. The colour palette was able to be taken into account to compliment the branding and the website, ensuring every aspect of the brand was represented well. Rebecca needed photographs taken of herself to use in various places, including marketing material. Small vignettes were also used for the website, and where there were no images available for case studies. A large image library was created to allow all future scenarios to be covered.


With being a showcase of her work, Rebecca’s website was designed as a single page format. Image rich with large sliders and interactive elements, users are guided down the page as they browse from the main menu.¬†Informative case studies are laid out on their own pages.



Design, Photography, Website