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One Oh Nine

One Oh Nine is an events company based in Mangawhai creating corporate events, general event planning and wedding planning. I worked with them right from helping concept the name, through to full brand design, website, email signatures, business cards, advertising design and sourcing stock photography for their marketing material. Working with One Oh Nine is an ongoing process.


Name Development

Conducting a full session with One Oh Nine owner, we eliminated some previous options and worked to come to the solution of One Oh Nine, the first day of events season (being Spring). Also playing on the 09 area code for Auckland, who is the main target market for the business.



The brand has been created using a predominantly typographical style, in a strong, classic serif typeface. The use of the font creates a feeling of trust, authority and accountability. By pulling out the ‘OH’ and making this stand out, it allows the reader to accentuate the internal dialogue of the word, and make it feel special. Colour has been added with a strong navy, a colour that is associated with corporate branding and quality, similar to a royal blue. A peach/salmon tone has been added so show the fun, the special part of an event, the “oh wow” factor. The colours compliment each other and work to offset the potential overly feminine or masculine colour choices.



A clean, easy to navigate website was required, an information hub catering to both corporate and private events. It needed to be clean and responsive, while also having all the information clearly laid out for customers to make their decisions easily.





Concept & Strategy, Design, Website