Oh Gosh - Oh Gosh
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Oh Gosh

The launch of Oh Gosh came through needing an anchor to brand each of my projects under and have a single space in which to showcase these. While it is a project that I have been working on for myself, being your own client is often the hardest!

Logo Design

The name Oh Gosh comes from the joyous exclamation, the logo itself needed to be simple with a subtle twist. With a ‘less is more’ approach, a type based logo was developed, allowing the work and the other elements of the brand to be the hero focus.


It was important to show my creative and artistic background, watercolour elements and a muted colour palette were chosen. This is echoed throughout the site and used where visual resting space is required. This becomes an important element when used in digital advertising where space is at a premium and a simple design demands more attention.


The biggest project to work on with Oh Gosh, the website needed to become an information hub, as well as being an effective portfolio platform to showcase key work. Photography was a combination of showcasing events and the like, alongside specifically shot and styled images for web use. Layout was important, with a modern, single entry page design, supported by individual pages for areas where more text and practical information needed to be delivered.


Design, Website

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