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My Favourite Space

My Favourite Space is a bright, fun and energetic e-commerce store for babies and kids. With a colourful range of products, My Favourite Space wanted a website to showcase their products that kept them the hero, while making it easy for people to navigate from any device. Working with the existing branding, a platform needed to be created that complimented what had already been designed.


The e-commerce platform is simple and easy to use. The homepage was kept uncluttered, with a focus on curated products and hero items. With less than a few clicks to add items to your bag, it makes for an easy shopping experience from any device. Totally mobile friendly and everything where you expect it to be.

Founder Photography

My Favourite Space is owned and operated by Karina Williams, she wanted to show her customers who she was, and that she really was just like them; a mum! Photo’s were kept relaxed an friendly, making the most of the gorgeous late afternoon sunshine.

Product Photography

Like every good e-commerce store, My Favourite Space needed some hero images to use on their social feeds. Here we shot a selection of Karina’s favourite items to use throughout her marketing and on the website itself.


Photography, Website

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