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Mister G

Mister G is the Auckland Based, personal tutoring service of Michael Grimmer. Michael is a qualified teacher that has a personalised and comprehensive tutoring offering for primary school aged children. Working in maths, reading, writing, sport and fitness for children aged 5 to 12 in both remedial and extension, while also catering to special learning needs, including dyslexia.

Logo Design

With such a unique offering, Mister G needed to appeal to the children he is working with as much as the parents choosing his services. The Mister G logo design was inspired directly by my clients love for sport and passion for his sport and fitness elements. I created a hand drawn character from reference material for the Mister G character himself, with vintage sign writing, comic book and sports memorabilia cues with the shield lock up design. In-keeping with this retro theme, the comic book elements were incorporated with pop-art style backgrounds. This character I then digitised and designed the typography to complement and give a super-hero like quality to. Strong colour was used to work alongside the design with pops of yellow added.

Business Card Design

The business cards for Mister G were required to be a stand along piece of marketing, as well as holding vital business/contact details, as they are often left in schools and other facilities for parents and children to pick up. On one side, the design is fresh and fun, with the Mister G character in pride of place in amongst a lot of colour. More of the comic book style typeface has been used on this side. On the reverse, this is the ‘business’ side of the card and contains the crucial messaging with his offering and how to get in touch, this information is on a grid paper background, similar to a textbook, with a paper plane element to add some child-like whimsy.


Simple photography solutions to use within the website and portray what Mister G does best, the children used in the photographs are his real clients. It was important to include Mister G’s personality into the photographs as much as I could.

Website Design

A key part to the Mister G marketing, is a comprehensive website for parents to visit to find out more about the Mister G personal tutoring service, and to book in their sessions. The site I built is clean and fully responsive and reflects his overall branding messaging well, it also has a special purchase area for online digital downloads and resources. Site is still under construction with the final copy being added.


Design, Photography, Website

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