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Knowledge Tree

Knowledge Tree is a mind, body and spirit counselling service that has been running for over 12 years. The previous branding has been original to when this grass-roots business started, my client was looking to redevelop the entire brand to include a new logo design, business cards, website and more. Given the length of time that this original branding had been in place, and the nature of the work the business does, a soft launch of new branding was initiated 2 years prior through business cards, branded pens and posters.

Logo Design

The new Knowledge Tree logo design was type based, with custom designed heading letters. Inspiration for this was handwriting, to create a friendly and approachable brand to a very personal business. It works well alongside the existing branding that was introduced earlier and allows the K and T to be used to create a monogram lock-up for use elsewhere in the business, such as the favicon and on the back of the business card.

Business Cards

Based on the existing design I had crated for my client, these cards are a progression to a cleaner, more user-friendly card. They are dual purpose for the client, functioning as a card with their details and a small marketing item. The cards also allow space for notes, such as client appointment times or suggested reading resources which was important to the client. Elements are kept simple while using the colour palette that the client was already familiar with from the soft brand launch.

Website & Photography

Working alongside an experienced web designer due to time constraints, I worked to deliver key design elements of the website including deciding on site plan with the client. Photography sourcing had previously been a challenge for my client, so in order to deliver a cohesive and beautiful site that best conveyed their business, I photographed a selection of images that best told their story. This photography now forms an extensive, custom image library that they can pull from whenever they need original imagery.

Gift Certificates

In addition to the other print collateral, my client required a gift certificate for the services, for this I used photography from the custom image library that I shot for them, this makes for excellent continuity throughout what their customers experience.


Design, Photography

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