Harriett & Hugo - Oh Gosh
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Harriett & Hugo

Harriett & Hugo is a handmade label from Warkworth, specialising in creating bespoke, handmade quilts and blankets with luxury fabrics.


The combination of ‘traditional’ style names has been offset with a modern, clean typeface. Simplicity is key as this allows the potential for the logo to be sewn into or on items, as well as creating the high end, luxury feel of the brand. The colour palette that has been introduced is in deep navy and blue tones, opposed with crisp white. A timeless combination that will look great for a long time. The logo reflects the bespoke and niche market the products will be entering into, and reinforce that luxury level.


Project included creating a brand that could work on swing tags, business cards and fabric sewn in tags, along with a clean business card design.