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Business Accelerators

Business Accelerators are a business advice and improvement company based in Mangawhai, servicing from Auckland to Northland. Run by Michelle and Brett, a husband and wife power team, they work closely with businesses at all levels to provide result driven business advice at all levels. Services range from courses, one-on-one consultations, business start up advice, business improvement and development. Recognising the need to grow and polish their own business after several years in operation, they approached me to work with them on new branding and a comprehensive website, describing their array of services. We brought into the team Kirsty Millar, from Dot Wordsmith, to really hone in and bring an outside perspective to their website copy, ensuring it was clutter free and informative for new client conversion.


The existing logo design had only recently been done, but after working through the project, it became apparent that the previous branding no longer aligned with the polished direction of Business Accelerators. Logo design I created using a geometric light-bulb, inspired by encouraging business to work in a modern, fuss free way, working smarter and not harder. The light-bulb being a recognisable motif for ideas and inspiration; which is why clients want to work with Business Accelerators. Copy around the logo has been tidied and became lower-case, less dominating than all caps, loud typography. Business Accelerators are the quiet, behind the scenes helper that doesn’t require fanfare. After spending a lot of time researching colour options, a gradient of blue and green has been used. This works to portray the sustainability and forward thinking of the business.


Content is King on the new website! Layout was kept simple with a left-hand menu remaining as you browse through the site for easy navigation. Colours were kept to the dual tones, allowing me to use diagonal combinations to represent the two side of the business offering coming together. Imagery was kept all black and white to allow the site to remain clear and crisp. Buttons are in a minimalist style and animations are used sparingly and where appropriate. Navigation was refined to have each of the pages flow together, with a call to action on each of the pages. The site delivered is fully mobile/tablet responsive.

Business Cards

Taking design cues from the website itself with fonts and colours, business cards work as an introduction to the design elements, while ensuring the cards were uncluttered, allowing the important information to be highlighted. A photograph was included on the back of each card with the same black and white/diagonal treatment to keep consistency. Corners are ‘dipped’ in each of their colours with Michelle and Brett each having their own colour. This was also reflected in their email signatures I designed.


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