Bloom Wellness - Oh Gosh
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Bloom Wellness

Bloom Wellness is a newly launched naturopathic remedy company, that produces a wide variety of boutique handmade products including creams, tea, lotions and balms. With being such a new brand, they wanted their branding to work with their potential change and expansion in offering for the next few years. This could grow on from bespoke products to tonics, consultations and more.

The branding needed to be modern and progressive while remaining trustworthy and appealing to the target market of mums and children, but also a male audience. The inspiration of the blue hues were taken from the Blue Borage Flower, which is a common remedy ingredient. Logo design is simple and sophisticated, taking inspiration from traditional sign writing. Using clean lines, this keeps the ‘bloom’ portion of the logo from being too feminine, but still remaining soft in a clean way. Stylised leaf interpretations have been included as a nod to the industry, without alienating those that might not be familiar with Naturopathy. Keeping the ‘bloom’ lower case ensures the brand is approachable and friendly, while also being serious.

A beautiful result and a very happy client!



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