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Blendy Knits


Over the past 5 years, I have worked with Belinda Too to create 3 book layouts with her. Blendy Knits, Blendy Knits, Too and Blendy Knits, Nikelodeon™, they have been brilliant projects and alongside creating the layouts, I also created her unique branding identity. Each book was independently published and have been distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Blendy Knits Logo Design

With the logo design, I wanted to combine Belinda’s love for knitting with a fun, unique design that had a vintage feel. The logo elements can be used together, or they can be split to fulfil different uses. The type interacts with the logo through the ball of yarn and creates a special relationship.

Blendy Knits

The first book in the series, consisting of sock knitting patterns. With such technical language, this book had challenges when it came to laying out the text, a lot of research went in to ‘standard practice’ when it came to knitting pattern layouts so that end user readability was paramount. Features included colour coded sections and an easy to understand difficulty rating.

Blendy Knits, Too

The second book in Belinda’s series, consisting of not only sock patterns, but a great deal more. A natural progression from the first book, design and layout were kept similar, ensuring that technical and design worked well together through the pages.

Blendy Knits, Nikelodeon™

A fun, friendly digital download. This book required a different layout style, being a landscape book flipped on the long edge. Each stage and design was required to be approved by Nikelodeon™ and strict branding guidelines needed to be adhered to. Each section was a different Nikelodeon™ show and required it’s own look and feel, I created custom frames, patterns and textures that worked in harmony with the existing character designs.



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