Biva - Oh Gosh
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Local start-up Biva, offering book-keeping and administrative services to businesses of all sizes, required some casual but corporate branding. An ongoing project that I am working on with founder, Natalia, the website is currently being built

Logo Design

The Biva logo design takes inspiration from simplicity and clean lines. Biva is about creating simple and effective work flow for clients, by working together with clients to help produce efficient services through book keeping and more. The icon takes inspiration from a pyramid design; where lots of layers are working together to create one, strong structure. The colours represent the different facets of the offering, while being trustworthy colours, perfect for this line of work. The pyramid looks as though it is floating, which would be how clients might feel when they engage Biva services; a weight has been lifted. The typography has been kept clean and minimalist, fuss-free and easy to read while remaining gender neutral.

Future Work

This is an on going project with a website in the making to showcase their services.