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Beauty By Kassi

Beauty By Kassi is a freelance Beauty Therapist specialising in skin treatments. Based in Mangawhai, Kassi recently moved to the area and is operating from an existing, established clinic. With being new to the area and going out on her own, Kassi needed beautiful, sophisticated branding to appeal to her clientele.

Logo Design

Elegant and feminine was the brief. Combining Kassi’s personality and creating something that was as unique as she is. I incorporated the monogram style portion of the logo so that it would feel almost like a signature, or her seal of approval. Type was kept simple and refined, in a soft grey to work with the dusky pink tone. The logo works well all together, or just on it’s own as a monogram.

Business / Loyalty Cards

Kassi’s cards needed to have a dual purpose; to give out her details and enable her clients to hang onto the cards and keep Kassi top of mind for treatments. I designed an elegant stamp system on the back of the card, and incorporated soft, watercolour elements in her special pink to make them feel ethereal with a subtle tone of colour.

Price List

The price list was to just be a DL sized card, however, with such a wide offering I wanted to keep the minimalist feeling of the brand story and we extended the design onto a tri-fold DL brochure. This enabled us to incorporate a section about Kassi and her experience, while giving all the space required to tell clients about her treatments and their benefits.



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