Auckland Fair Rebrand - Oh Gosh
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Auckland Fair Rebrand

With the very first Auckland Fair (previously, Auckland Art & Craft Fair) held in June 2010, since then the event had grown and changed tremendously. Naturally, when the December 2014 event was due to be moved to a new home, and following some internal restructure, this was the perfect time to overhaul the entire Auckland Fair brand and breathe new life into the event.

There were several elements that needed to be brought up to date and with each of them, the existing branding that had been so well recognised needed to be taken into accounts. Portions of this that worked best were kept, while others were redesigned through careful consideration.

Logo Design

Notably, the ‘Art & Craft’ portion of the name was removed. With the evolvement of the event to include a much wider variety of handmade work, this part of the name had become redundant. Already the event was often referred to as the ‘Auckland Fair’ this was a logical progression. Using a refined, strong and unfussy typeface, the addition of the establishing year was added to mark the industry authority that the event has gained. Using such a clean typeface, this now lent itself to use across different collateral items including stickers, business cards, entry signs and more.

Poster Design

With the previous posters having such a strong and successful layout design, this was interpreted to a selective update rather than rewrite. A new diagonal background was created to give a modern edge and depth to the overall design, and the diagonal lines were given a hand rendered treatment to pay homage to the hand finishing elements the Auckland Fair is known for. The event details, such as the date and time, were given a dynamic, new layout that highlights these important factors and letting the most important ones stand out.

Each event, the poster design is a different colour, this new design effectively becomes a template for future events ensuring each one is seamless and represents the Auckland Fair the best it can.

Magazine Advertising

Taking a new approach to advertising, the form of the poster design lends itself well to playing with image layout, replacing the diagonal background when used in publications where the event might be being introduced for someone for the first time. Text is kept prominent with a circular lock-up, in keeping with the new, fluid branding. Images play with the border and effectively become part of the design. Logo’s are often mandatory inclusions and are treated with as much care and attention so they become part of the artwork in an effective and sympathetic way.

Website Design

The biggest project for the rebrand. Previously the Auckland Fair website had been on a basic one page, blog style layout site. With the growth of the event, both with exhibitor and visitors numbers, the site needed to reflect the level at which the Fair was at, it needed a professional online presence. The new website design is rich with full-width images, simple colours and easy to read headings with elegant roll overs. The new site also allowed each of the selected Makers to be showcased on their own page in a portfolio style layout, with beautiful full width sliders and no longer competing with event announcements on a single page. This slick new layout also meant that practical information (such as sponsors, venue details and more) could be delivered in an easy to navigate format.

For the website, it was also important to build in an online resource, separate to the main portion of the website. This resource is filled with articles that have been expertly written and are free to handmade Makers who register. Another feature to keep the event at the forefront of the arts industry.


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