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Design is everywhere and it truly matters. There is always an opportunity to produce beautiful design, to refine and ensure you’re putting your best foot forward when presenting your company, your brand or yourself.  Since graduating, Jessica has worked freelance with hand selected clients in a close and collaborative way. With an holistic approach, she produces proven, considered results that take into account all business elements and are clean, effective and have longevity.

Whether it is some simple signage for your store or event, a total rebrand with logo design, an invitation to a launch or wedding, car signage or laying out a look-book, guest book or publication. Each job has Jessica’s utmost care and attention and she can work with you on your specific project requirements. Open communication and a positive dialogue is key with projects to ensure they have a successful outcome.

If your project is graphic design services, first off Jessica will discuss with you your project, either in person or over the phone to hear about what you need, what you like and when you need it by. This initial stage is the most important; the more information and the more specific you can be with your requirements at this stage, the closer the work will be to the end result you are wanting.

Next, she will interpret that detailed conversation into a brief to ensure that you are both on the same page, this is also where she will give you an itemised quote. Once the quote has been accepted, Jessica will begin the work on your project, delivering to you up to two options to choose from. From this you can discuss the work, make adjustments and suggestions. Jessica will then deliver the final result and the job is done!


The Project Process